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  1. Virginia Denton

    Dear Stephanie Seal Walters…I came across your pages quite by accident, which happens regularly by way of my methods of researching!!! First of all…your name..I have a Gregory Seale Walters and a Jane Seale Walters in my data base of genealogy (at least thirty years of collecting) Then the fact that you are interested in Loyalists in the Revolutionary War…..the following is the Obituary from “my” Thomas Walters….

    Obituary for Thomas Walters, husband of Anna Thompson; May 5, 1825, Mr Thomas Walters at Porchester, Hants, in his 69th year.

    Mr. Thomas Walters, brother of the late Rev. Charles Walters, curate of Bishops Waltham, whose monument in that church is engraved in Vol. LXXXII ii p 425) and father of Mr John Walters, a rising architect . He was the author of numerous letters under anonymous signatures in various magazines and public Journals for the space of half a century, more particularly as T.W. in the pages of Sylvanus Urban. He evinced considerable natural talents, lively powers of imagination and striking originality of thought. He possessed great sensibility of mind. His piety was fervent, yet ever unobtrusive, his life chequered with many troubles, his death calm and serene.Died 16 Gould Square, nr. Fenchurch st Station.
    Sometime a Deputy Lieutenant of the com. MDX under Lord Cornwallis. Established in West Florida 1776. During the War of Independence, served as Secretary to General Johnson, who commanded a body of Royalist Militia. Returned home 1780. Admitted to the Livery of the Merchant Taylors, 1783 and Warden 1795-5-6. He married at St. Paul’s, Shadwell, (his brother, Charles, officiating), Anna, daughter of Capt. John Thompson (first Comm. of Transports) by his wife, Rachel, dau. of Ebenezer Butler of Warminster (said to be descended out of the House of Ormonde, which was founded by Theobald Walter in the 12th century).
    He is buried at Portchester Castle, as is his wife.

    A diary written by my Gt Grandmother states that Captain John Thompson “lost estates in America” during the War of Independence and it is his daughter that Thomas married….it seems they shared many adventures in America & Gibralter…

    Anyway…I guess what I’m asking is if you may have come across Thomas Walters or John Thompson as Loyalists and losing properties…it would be real serendippity if you and your husband tied into these people!!!!

    Thanking you in advance for any reply, even if it’s to tell me how “off the wall” my questions are!!!

    Virginia Denton

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