Project Requirements:

Little Odd Histories” Omeka Project:

Choose a short historical topic from the list below or have one approved by Professor Walters by the end of class time on Tuesday, May 28th.  Using university databases, the Library of Congress, and Google Search (images must be labeled for reuse), choose at least six items that relate to your topic and aid in telling your topic’s “story.” Look to your class notes for information on selecting items for your exhibit.

Item Requirements:

  • Metadata must be filled out completely and properly—use your class handout for instructions.
  • Descriptions for each item need to be detailed enough for search use, but succinct.
  • You will be evaluated on how well you fill out your metadata and accuracy.
  • Your items must directly relate to your exhibit topic.

Page Requirements:

  • All entries must be cited using the Chicago Manuel of Style. Give proper credit for where you find information for you exhibit topic.
  • You must have at least 1 introductory page, 2 informational pages, and 1 conclusion page in your exhibit.
  • Your entries cannot follow a blog-style format. They must be professionally/academically written. Check for compound sentences, grammar errors, and style.
  • Each page must be between 400-500 words each.

Possible Topics:

  • Glass Coffins
  • The World’s Oldest Ham
  • History of the Vibrator
  • Peter Francisco, “The Virginia Giant”
  • Dinosaur Land
  • Boston Molasses Flood
  • Half Hang it Maggie
  • Disney’s “America”
  • Centralia, PA
  • The Brazen Bull
  • Michel Ney
  • Andrew Jackson’s Parrot
  • Shadrack Furman
  • State of Franklin
  • Tangier Island
  • Danville Public Library, 1960
  • The Waterford News
  • Hurricane Camille, Nelson County, Virginia


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