I Think I’ve Thought Myself to Death: One Woman’s Mission to Organize a History Dissertation

It has been a long, but productive 5 months away from Royal Seal. From dissertation work to conferences to just about everything, I can’t believe how time flew by. However, while I am currently writing my dissertation I’m going to have to backtrack a little bit to discuss something we never talk about in graduate … [Keep on Readin’]

Tory Story: How it all Started

‘ve studied loyalism in Virginia during the American Revolution for almost five years now. I’m “that loyalist girl” that people at conferences and history conventions have sort of, kind of, maybe heard of. But why loyalists? Better yet, how in the world did a woman from South Mississippi decide to dedicate her early academic life … [Keep on Readin’]

Before and After: Loyalism, Virginia, and The American Revolution

For my final Clio I project, I chose to clear up a few questions I had from my MA thesis.  My thesis examined loyalists in Virginia during the American Revolution, specifically in the Williamsburg area.  After more research at the John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Library in Colonial Williamsburg, I gathered information on many of Virginia’s … [Keep on Readin’]